Pet Stain & Pet Odor Removal Company in Knightdale, NC

The Humane Society in the United States reports that over 60 million homes also have pets. In Knightdale, NC, we don’t have all of the numbers, but it stands to reason that if 50% of the general population is a pet owner, things are no different in the Triangle area. It doesn’t matter if you own a cat, a dog, or another furry friend, the end result is the same. We love our pets, but they sure know how to make a mess. From stains on our carpets and furniture, to stinky odors left behind when our pets have been playing outside all day.

At TW Pro Carpet, we know that cleaning up the messes and getting rid of the odors left by our animals can sometimes be a challenge. Retail remedies and sprays may not always do the trick. You might find that some products will mask an odor, but few will actually remove the odors altogether. Stains can act in the same way. We want to make sure that when we come out to clean your carpet or furniture, that we get rid of any tough stains or odors left by your pets.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Services Provided by TW Pro Carpet

When we own pets, we’re not always even aware that they have left a bad smell behind. We become used to the odors left by our pets and this can create and unhealthy living situation, but can also leave a negative impression on guests that we may entertain. Pet stain removal & pet odor removal aren’t an easy task, but at the same time we want to make sure that your home smells just as fresh as the day you moved in, so we offer the following services in Knightdale, NC and surrounding areas.

Our pet stain & pet odor removal services include:

  • Removing dirt and mud that may have been tracked onto furniture and carpets.
  • Lifting fur and hair that cats and dogs may have left in your carpet.
  • Deep cleaning of furniture and upholstery with pet safe green cleaning products.
  • Ridding your home of smells left by cart urine that may have seeped into your hardwood floors & furniture.
  • Using our pre-treatment process and high temperature steam cleaning devices to clean different fabrics and areas that can’t be done by hand.
  • A final inspection of the areas we’ve cleaned to make sure you’re happy
  • More!

If you don’t see something on this list and it’s a service you’d like us to provide for you, don’t hesitate to ask us if we can handle that challenge when you get a free estimate.

Regularly Scheduled Pet Odor & Pet Stain Cleaning in Knightdale

TW Pro Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service is more than just creating a one time customer, we want to build relationships. When we come out to your home or business, in Knightdale, we want to make sure that you’re satisfied. We offer a number of preventative and protective products for your furniture and carpets, so we can stop pet odors and stains from setting in. We also offering regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning. By scheduling multiple cleanings throughout the year we can cut down on allergens and other pet issues that may make your home harder to stay in.

We all love our pets, but unfortunately, even the best behaved pets can have an accident from time to time. We also offer one time pet stain & pet odor removal services. If you live in Knightdale and need us to come and remove some odors or stains from your living area, call us at 919-360-7536 or contact us online to get your free estimate.